Streets of Vienna on Smartphone

Streets of Vienna on Smartphone

We lived in Vienna for more than three months in autumn of 2023 when we were visiting the technical university of Vienna, TU Wien. It was here that I really became interested in smartphone photography, and I am happy for that.

I used to consider my smartphone camera as an inferior tool to my Canons and Panasonics. And there were two good reasons for that: The quality of the photos were not comparable, and the phone-as-camera was not user-friendly. That has however changed lately. I now own a Sony Xperia 5. It has an excellent camera with its own physical shutter button so I don’t have to unlock the screen and open the camera app before being able to take a photo. I just press the shutter button once, and the smartphone is ready to take pictures. I then frame and push the shutter button again. Moreover, the camera app is really good, allows me to adjust a lot of parameters, and creates astonishing shots. The quality of the photos are no as good as dedicated cameras, but the difference is neglectable for screen-based viewing.

But I think the biggest advantage of using smartphone camera is the well-known fact that the best camera is the one you have with you. When I look at the photos I have taken, it is apparent that I take a different kind of photo than I take with dedicated cameras. The photos in this album are good examples, informal photos of casual subjects, triggered there and then based on curiosity. I like it.

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