A day at an American car festival

It is not so often I get the chance to photograph a whole day. I did this on a Saturday in August when the Norwegian American car festival was celebrating their 50th year. I went there with my Rolleiflex and came back with five rolls of exposed film.


Field report: Voigtländer Brillant

It is always so fun to bring to life a camera that you thought was dead junk. This Voigtländer Brillant from 1933 is probably the oldest camera I have. It is mainly a simple light-tight box with a lens. But it is still capable of taking some very nice photos in 6x6 format on 120 film.


Field report: Bronica ETRSi

My search for a 645 medium format camera ended with the Bronica ETRSi, mainly because of all the lovely photos taken with Zenzanon lenses that I saw on Instagram, but also because of its price. Now I am the happy owner of this camera and have already used it a lot. Time to start a field report!

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